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Drugs and alcohol can hijack your brain

Illustration of circuits and arrows inside a man’s brain. People with addictions lose control of their actions. They feel a compulsion to consume and look for drugs, alcohol or other substances regardless of cost – even putting friendships at risk, hurting their families or losing their jobs. Why does addiction cause people to behave in such destructive ways? And why is it so difficult to leave them?


Scientists funded by the NIH work to learn more about the biology of addiction. They have shown that addiction is a complex and long-lasting brain disease, and that the treatments currently available can help people control their addictions. But even for those who manage to stop using, there will always be a risk that the addiction will return, which is known as recidivism.

The biological basis of addiction helps explain why people need much more than good intentions or willpower to break their addictions.

“A common and mistaken idea is that addiction is a choice or a moral problem, and that all you have to do is stop using, but nothing is further from the truth,” says Dr. George Koob, director of the Institute. National Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse Survey (NIAAA) of the NIH. “In fact, the brain changes with addiction, and a lot of work is needed to get it back to its normal state.The more alcohol or drugs you have consumed, the more the brain will be affected.”

The researchers discovered that a good part of the power of addiction lies in its ability to hijack and even destroy fundamental brain regions that are responsible for helping us to survive.

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A healthy brain will reward healthy behaviours, such as exercising, feeding or bonding with loved ones. To do this, turn on brain circuits that make you feel wonderfully well, which motivates you to repeat those behaviours. On the contrary, when you are in danger, a healthy brain pushes the body to react quickly with fear or alarm, so that you move away from harmful sources. If you feel tempted by something questionable – like eating ice cream before dinner or buying things you can not afford – the frontal regions of the brain will help you decide if the consequences of those acts are worth it.

But when you are becoming addicted to a substance, that normal “wiring” of brain processes that come to your aid, may begin to work against you. Drugs and alcohol can hijack the pleasure / reward circuits of the brain and “hook” it so that it wants more and more. The addiction can also overload the emotional circuits that activate the feeling of danger, which causes feelings of anxiety and stress when you are not consuming alcohol or drugs. In this stage, people often use drugs or alcohol to not feel bad, instead of using them to find pleasurable effects.

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In addition, repeated drug use can damage the essential decision-making center in the front of the brain. This area, known as the prefrontal cortex, is precisely the area that should help you recognize the damage caused by the use of addictive substances.

“Imaging studies of the brain of people addicted to drugs or alcohol show less activity in the frontal cortex,” says Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA for its acronym in English) of the NIH. “When the frontal cortex does not work correctly, people can not make the decision to stop using the drug – even if they realize that the price they must pay to consume it is extremely high, and that they could lose custody of their children or ending up in jail, even so, they consume it. ”

Scientists still do not understand why some people become addicted and others do not. The addiction tends to be hereditary, and certain types of genes have been related to different forms of addiction. But not all members of an affected family are necessarily prone to addiction. “As with heart disease or diabetes, there is no particular gene that makes you vulnerable,” says Koob.

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Other factors can also increase your likelihood of becoming addicted. “Growing up with an alcoholic, having suffered child abuse, being exposed to an extremely high stress level – all these social factors can contribute to the risk of alcohol addiction or drug abuse,” says Koob. “And when it comes to the use of drugs and alcohol in children, the sooner you start, the higher your chances of having an alcohol abuse disorder or an addiction later in life.”

Adolescents are especially vulnerable to a possible addiction because their brains have not yet fully developed – particularly the frontal regions that help control impulses and assess risk. Pleasure circuits in the brains of adolescents also operate at a higher speed, which makes the consumption of alcohol and drugs even more rewarding and tempting.

The NIH is launching a new study nationwide to learn more about how adolescent brains are altered by alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs. The researchers will use brain scans and other tools to evaluate more than 10,000 young people over a 10-year period. The study will track the relationships between substance use and brain changes, academic achievement, IQ, reasoning skills and mental health over time.

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Although there is still much more to learn, we know that prevention is essential to reduce the damage of addiction. “Children and adolescents are moments in which parents can get involved and teach their children a lifestyle and healthy activities that can protect them against drug use,” says Volkow. “Physical activity is important, as well as getting involved in a job, in science or art projects, and in social networks that do not promote drug use.”

To treat addiction, scientists have identified several medications and behavioural therapies-especially when used in combination-that can help people stop using specific substances and prevent recidivism. Unfortunately, there is currently no medication to treat addiction to stimulants such as cocaine or methamphetamine, but behavioural therapies can help.

“The treatment depends largely on the severity of the addiction and the individual in particular,” adds Koob. “Some people can stop smoking or consuming alcohol on their own.The most serious cases may require months or even years of treatment and follow-up, through a real effort on the part of the person, and usually a complete abstinence from the substance . ”

Researchers funded by the NIH are also evaluating experimental therapies that could improve the effectiveness of treatments already in operation. The conscious meditation (mindfulness) and the magnetic stimulation of the brain are two techniques whose capacity to strengthen the circuits of the brain damaged by the addiction is being evaluated. Scientists are also studying possible vaccines against nicotine, cocaine and other drugs, which could prevent the drug from entering the brain.

Addiction is a devastating disease, with a relatively high death rate and serious social consequences,” says Volkow. “We are exploring different strategies so that people finally have more treatment options, which will increase their chances of success when they try to stop using the drug.”

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Red tea detox

Infusion of rooibos: Lose weight without anxiety. The rooibos is a plant that, in addition to being rich in minerals and antioxidants, is also a good ally to eliminate the extra pounds without the anxiety that, on occasion, can cause us to put on a diet. And not only helps you lose weight, the benefits of rooibos for our body are multiple, including helping to fight the annoying symptoms of allergies. Rooibos helps you take care of yourself inside and out.


Infusion of rooibos: Lose weight without anxiety. Depurative, without caffeine or stimulants, three cups of rooibos a day will help you fight the anxiety that can cause dieting to lose those extra kilos or, simply, to maintain our healthy weight. The rooibos can be a first ally to avoid chopping between meals, a temptation when we have decided to control the appetite to avoid chopping between meals. And it is not the only property that the rooibos has. This plant, among others, is a good ally against allergies.


Rooibos is a plant of South African origin (it is also known as South African red tea), rich in magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese, fluorine, potassium, among other minerals, and which, among its properties, is depurative, it does not have a bitter taste and is a good ally to combat anxiety. If you have decided to go on a diet and take those extra pounds off, or simply, if you want to avoid chopping between meals, a cup of rooibos infusion can be a good ally. In addition, the rooibos does not contain caffeine, teínas or other stimulants, also helping to combat physical weakness and mood lows that, in some cases, may appear when we go on a diet.


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Among all the minerals pointed out, there is an important special one for the strengthening of our organism, iron, which is much better assimilated through an infusion of rooibos due to its low level of tannins, which does not inhibit its absorption. Magnesium, on the other hand, favors the balance of the nervous system.

Rooibos is a source of antioxidants (vitamin C and flavonoids mainly) and, therefore, an ally to strengthen our defenses and avoid the premature effects of aging that can cause tobacco, stress or health problems. In addition, not only does it not help inside, but also outside, since this plant can act as a beneficial natural remedy in cases of skin disorders or problems such as urticaria, itching or eczema.

The list of benefits of rooibos does not end here, a plant that helps enrich our diet and that confirms that the infusions have gained a place as complements to our eating habits. Thus, the rooibos, does not contain sugars or calories, helps improve fluid retention, regulates intestinal transit and promotes digestion. In cases of stomach problems, such as gastritis, nausea or vomiting, it can also help to relieve our body of discomfort.

Rooibos also for the health of our mouth, a natural rinse that can help relieve discomfort of the mouth and throat (pharyngitis, gingivitis, among others).

Rooibos to combat allergies
The annoying and uncomfortable symptoms of allergies can be alleviated with a natural remedy such as rooibos, since it is a plant to which, to the benefits outlined above, it can be added that it is considered an antihistamine to calm asthma or respiratory allergies. The good thing is that it also does not cause drowsiness, one of the most common side effects of antihistamines, and since it does not contain any type of stimulants, it can be taken at any time and, above all, at any age.


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How to lose 40 kg ? Learn now here.

Only a few days ago someone asked me if it is possible to lose 20–30 pounds in a month, and if so, how could I do it, how could it be true and even more so how to do it without harming my health? I decided to take the answer I gave him to make an article of it. So here it is.

1. Use a detox diet first – A detox diet cleans the body of a lot of undigested pounds and helps you create a caloric deficit. A detox diet includes drinking lots of liquids, lots of liquids, usually water and fruit juices (juice). This type of diet that you dump out helps to avoid hunger. In this way it is possible to lose 20–30 pounds quickly.

In a month, of course it can be achieved. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that this may not be the healthiest thing you should do, your health say that it may be in risk. Using a detox diet for too long can be harmful to the body, since you are not eating a lot of nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of your body. It is very good to lose weight fast, but do not use it for a long time. Keep this clear and do not forget it.

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2. Lose Belly fat with this 2 minutes ritual technique.

This 2 min technique delivers a total body transformation, with results you can see in just one single day, and has been proven to prevent heart attacks and diabetes while reversing and erasing any sign of weight or age related health issues making you lose a pound per day of pure belly fat while cleaning your arteries, eliminating type 2 diabetes and restoring your energy, vitality, elasticity of your skin and joints, and even your sex drive.

Best of all, this will work for you and any man or woman over the age of 35 who is concerned about heart disease, diabetes, and declining energy levels and absolutely must lose those stubborn pounds of dangerous belly fat gathering in and around the middle of your body putting you at risk of early death.

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3. Another way to lose 20 to 30 pounds fast in a month is to create the caloric deficit needed by preparing a large amount of exercise and eat in moderation. You will have to do a lot of cardio (at least 4 hours a week) and also do strength training, but cardiovascular exercise is key to losing those pounds. Of course in this period you will not gain muscle tissue, you will only lose weight.

If you do enough cardiovascular workouts and continuously, in addition to eating in moderation (a lot of vegetables and fruits and cut the carbohydrates), it is possible that you can lose 20 to 30 pounds in a month. But you have to be aware that this will require great effort on your part, great dedication and willpower.

As I said, it is possible to lose 20 to 30 pounds or even more in a month with the kind of determination and willpower, but I suggest you give yourself a little more time. This will make it easier to achieve your goal.

Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn is a 12-week yoga program for women created by Zoe Bray Cotton. It uses a technique called Dynamic Sequence to burn calories and fat, promoting healthy weight loss.
Zoe Bray Cotton is a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer and female body transformation specialist. She has experience teaching yoga for relaxation purposes and working one-on-one as a personal trainer to help people tone their bodies and lose weight. In Yoga Burn, Zoe combines these two goals by providing a yoga program that reduces stress and tones the female body.
Benefits of the program

Zoe Bray Cotton argues that her program is unique because:

Yoga Burn tailors to individual needs. Zoe explains that generic classes do not fit different physical abilities and goals. These types will not work for everyone in the class.
Yoga Burn will reduce stress levels and produce relaxation, unlike other programs. Zoe explains that attending conventional yoga classes raises cortisol levels (the “stress hormone”), which causes the body to store more fat.
With Yoga Burn, your routine will change according to your abilities as you progress through the program. Zoe explains that to achieve results, you should be doing yoga poses and routines that are specific to your goals. This led to the development of dynamic sequencing.

What is Dynamic Sequencing?

Dynamic Sequencing is a unique yoga approach that will help you learn the exact and correct poses, duration, and sequence that will help you progress from start to finish. It will push you enough to avoid high plateau workout and build a better feminine shape.

Zoe Bray Cotton has split the Yoga burning system for women into three stages with instructional videos to help you master the poses and sequences that will maximize the benefits of yoga.

The Three Phases of the Yoga Burning System for Women
Phase 1: The Foundational Flow Phase

This phase will help beginners understand the basics of yoga, improving safety and effectiveness. You will also build a strong mind-body link that will help you in later stages, and learn strategic poses to boost your metabolism.
Phase 2: The Transitional Flow Phase

At this stage, you will merge the poses in the first and second stages to create sequences, thus improving your mood and eliminating problem areas.
Phase 3: The Mastery Flow Phase

Here, you will combine everything you learned in the first and second phases. The sequence at this stage will boost your metabolism and create the feminine tone in your body.

There are two additional bonuses offered with the Yoga Burn System:

Bonus 1: Follow-up audio lessons
Bonus 2: The Flow of Tranquility

The Yoga Burn System is a great program for women who are looking for moderate low-intensity exercise to shape and tone their body and lose weight.